A publishing revolution

DIMO Book Publishing Solution

Why DiMO? The name comes from the Greek word “δημοσιεύω” or “dimosiévo” which means to publish, which is fitting for a system that revolutionises the publishing process.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, DiMO can transform your business

  • Does it take you 90 days to sort royalty statements?

  • Do you have to enter every tiny change you make into 6 different places in your system?

  • Is your publishing schedule a manual nightmare to update?

  •  Is your production process so complicated that no one is quite sure where their responsibility begins and ends?

In our experience as consultants to the publishing industry, we discovered that most publishers, regardless of the size of their business or the extent of their publishing program, were struggling with these same challenges. We therefore applied our technical and publishing knowledge and skills to building a simple, intuitive, automated workflow management process, to help publishers drive efficiencies and save costs.

Why DiMO?

DiMO is a “one-stop” shop, from title acquisition through to distribution. It removes duplication from the production process, clarifies responsibilities, makes accurate information available across the team and eradicates the risk of manual errors.

  • cloud-based
  • accessible from any device
  • easy to use
  • cost effective
  • fully integrated: change one field and update the publishing schedule, ATI, TitlePage and website at the push of a button
  • generate any report you need in Excel
  • customisable to your requirements by our expert team

The DIMO team

Developed by publishing professionals, for publishing professionals.