A publishing revolution

DIMO Book Publishing Solution

Why DiMO? The name comes from the Greek word “δημοσιεύω” or “dimosiévo” which means to publish, which seemed very fitting as DiMO's primary objective is to revolutionise the publishing process.

Our beginnings

DiMO’s origins lie in problem solving. When we posed questions like these to publishers, it became clear that almost every company, large or small, was struggling with at least one of these areas of their business.

  • Does it take you 90 days to sort royalty statements and they’re still, not right?

  • Do you have to enter every tiny change you make into 6 different places in your system?

  • Is your publishing schedule a manual nightmare to update?

  • Do you know that your title search is poor, but don’t know how to improve it?

We therefore focused on simplifying and automating the workflow management process, in order to drive efficiencies and save costs.

The story so far

The world of automation is evolving at an exponential rate, but the publishing sector’s technology is not keeping pace with these developments, which is stunting organisational opportunities and growth. The problem is not the creation of content, but rather the cumbersome operational systems that process it.

Our mission is to improve and modernise your systems to provide you with enhanced productivity.

Why DiMO?

DiMO is a purpose-built publishing system, integrating all the steps of the publishing process from acquisition through to ongoing distribution.

What DIMO offers

DiMO is a “one-stop” shop, removing duplication from the production process, clarifying responsibilities, making accurate information available across the team and eradicating manual errors.

  • cloud-based
  • accessible from any device
  • easy to use
  • cost effective
  • fully integrated: change one field and update the publishing schedule, ATI, TitlePage and website at the push of a button
  • generates any report you need in Excel
  • customisable to your requirements by our expert team

The DIMO team

Developed by publishing professionals, for publishing professionals.