DiMO revolutionises the publishing process; anytime, anywhere. Explore the product features below to learn how DiMO can improve the way you work:

  • Acquisition and Advances 
  • Title management (distributed and local) 
  • Editorial tracking 
  • Production and print order management 
  • Digital and distribution 
  • Profitability reporting 

So let's get underway

When you first log into DiMO, you’ll see a dashboard that will give you a visual summary of what is happening with your titles. It includes a list of tasks that are due for completion, along with a record of recent changes that have been made and any relevant messages from your team. This dashboard is dynamic and will up-date as soon as any change is made within the system.

The dashboard looks like this:

Unlike most publishing systems, DiMO organises information based on process, which makes it so easy to use.

The DIMO Publishing Process works like this:

  • Publishing – From title set-up for the acquisition meeting through to completion of all details once the title has been acquired.
  • Editorial – From acceptance of the manuscript through to the Print Ready PDF, including managing the author and all the external suppliers (editors, designers etc)
  • Production – Responsible for the placement of the orders, file management and supply of the final digital and printed books
  • Digital Management – Ensuring that every book is maximised for digital sales
  • Publicity -Tracking and tracing all activity, including launches and appearances
  • Marketing – Tracking and tracing all promotional material and tracking all marketing activity
  • Sales – Sales breakdowns by country, customer and sales type
  • Performance – Check how each title has performed against expectation
  • Reports – Set up your own portfolio of reports and reporting schedule. All reports can be generated in Excel
  • Task Management – Every title can have its own checklist of tasks for management to oversee

DiMO offers you and your team a user friendly interface where minimal time is spent on additional training and set-up, making DIMO both cost-effective and efficient to install:

  • No IT knowledge is required
  • The initial set-up is completely automated. You provide us with an ONIX file or a list of all your titles and we’ll set-up your system with your imprints, schedules, ISBNs and production requirements
  • Ready to-go. The system is ready to either use as is or customise to your requirements: the choice is yours

DiMO enables you to seamlessly manage the publishing process, leaving your publishing team free to focus their attention on attracting great authors and making successful books.

Now that you’ve had an overview, let’s look at each of the major areas of DiMO in more detail.


Key elements:

  • Title set-up, including automatic ISBN allocation and core information for ONIX files
  • Title budgets including automatic calculation of projected profit and loss
  • Rights information that clearly defines the rights you hold in each title, along with the contractual splits
  • Handover to Editorial that ensures the right information is communicated to your editor or editorial team


The Editorial role in the publishing process has increasingly become one of Project Management, including scheduling, tracking, and reviewing all the steps involved in getting a book to Print Ready PDF status. Good communication to all key stakeholders, including authors, designers, editors, production and publishers, is key to a successful project. DiMO makes management of the process easy, by seamlessly keeping everyone informed.

Key Elements:

  • Day-to-day activities and deadlines
  • Cost recording and management
  • Register of freelance contacts
  • Production and costing notes


Book production can be a complex process that requires precision. DiMO allows all the key information to be recorded, including the book specifications, printer capabilities, print orders and deadlines, which in turn enables timely deliveries of physical and digital books.

Key Elements

  • First printing, including the generation of the print order
  • Management of all subsequent reprints
  • Cost recording and control
  • Timeline management

Digital Management

Efficient production and distribution of eBooks is vital for any publisher.

Key Elements

  • Automated pricing by region
  • Synchronised updating between physical and digital
  • Vendor management and distribution
  • Digital royalty management and co-ordination
  • Match multiple physical books to eBook editions

Publicity and Marketing

You may have the best book in the world but if nobody knows about it, then you’re not doing your job as publisher. DiMO can help by making it easy for the team to plan and record activities and to maintain control of the budgets.

Key Elements

  • Publicity and marketing allocations
  • Campaign / tour recording
  • Cost management

Performance Management

A crucial aspect of good publishing is being able to review your performance so that you can constantly up-date and improve what you are doing. DiMO can assist by making it easy for you to analyse your past performance and then use this information to make more informed, lower risk decisions for the future.

Key Elements

  • Book costs
  • Sales reporting


While the DiMO dashboard is a helpful way to view key, summarised information, a range of more detailed reports is also available, covering all aspects of your publishing environment. Custom reports can also be prepared at any time, in a variety of formats.

Features of our reports include:

  • Downloadable in csv, ONIX, excel and pdf formats
  • Ability to refresh directly into excel
  • Database access to create custom reports
  • Preset reports for Division, Performance, Digital, Rights and Financial reporting

Task Management

A unique feature of DiMO is its ability to monitor and manage the performance of tasks. Every action that you take in DiMO is recorded and future actions can be created manually or automatically from that record, and allocated to co-workers as required.

Features of DIMO task management are:

  • Tasks managed for the entire life-cycle of the book, not just production
  • Tasks can be notified by email, in the dashboard or in a series of automated reports
  • Ability to highlight titles to ensure that you are notified when tasks are completed
  • Ability to integrate tasks into a number of third party apps

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