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DIMO works in with the publishing process —collaboratively, on the go, and in real-time. Explore the product features below to learn how DIMO can change the way you work. 

  • Acquisition and Advances 
  • Title management (distributed and local) 
  • Editorial tracking 
  • Production and print order management 
  • Digital and distribution 
  • Profitability reporting 
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Below is the overview of the DIMO Application. All screens can be customised to the requirement of the specific publishing companies processes and terminology

Overview on one page

DIMO Dashboard

When first logging in to DIMO the user is presented with a front page dashboard that provides a visual summary of what is happening with loaded publications. This includes tasks that are due to be completed and any additional changes that the user should be aware of.

Dashboard features:

  1. Tasks – Setting up required to dos
  2. Messages – Internal team messages
  3. Activity – Changes as they happen
The Publishing Process Defined

DIMO Publishing Process

While many publishing systems group information based on type of information, DIMO will organise information based on process. This means that users know exactly what they need to fill in at any one time, allowing resource and tasks to be reallocated easily.

The DIMO Publishing Process defined as:

  • Publishing – Set-up a title and acquire it
  • Editorial – Manage Author, suppliers and content to ready content for production
  • Production – Manage the ordering, management and supply of the finished digital and physical product
  • Digital Management – make sure your book is maximised for digital sales
  • Publicity
  • Marketing
  • Customer Management
  • Performance
  • Reports
  • Task Management
  • Configure it yourself
DIMO Ensures a User Friendly Interface

DIMO Set-up with Ease

DIMO offers your team a user friendly interface where minimal time is spent on additional training and set-up, making DIMO a logical business asset where:

  • No IT knowledge required to set-up
  • Completely customisable
  • Automated set-up,  provide an ONIX file or a list of your titles and we will set-up your system with your imprints, schedules, ISBN’s and production requirements
  • Ready to-go.  The system is ready either use as is or customised to client requirements.
Its all about the creation of good content

DIMO Publishing

The aim of publishing is to attract great authors and to publish successful books. The first step of this is to set your book up for success by clearly communicating information about the book such as ISBN, authors, rights and royalty information but also clearly establish sales and editorial goals to ensure that your publishing goals are met.

Key elements of the publishing section of DIMO are:

  • Title Set-up including automatic ISBN allocation and core information for ONIX files
  • Title Budgets including automatic calculation of projected profit and loss and printing bills
  • Rights information that clearly establishes the rights you have for a title
  • And a handover to Editorial process that ensure the right information is communicated to your editor or editorial team klicka
Easing the pivotal role for success

DIMO Editorial

An editor in 2018 needs to develop and manage most of the aspects required to complete a project.  This includes scheduling, tracking, and reviewing all aspects of the editorial and production procedure to ensure high standards through the whole process. Critical to success is ensuring good communication to all key stakeholders of a projects development, including authors, designers, production and publishers.

The DIMO system allows editors to manage the production process while seamlessly keeping everyone informed.

Features of the editing module include:

  • Day-to-day activities and deadlines
  • Cost management and recording
  • Book contacts
  • Production and costing notes
  • Manuscript management
Production deliveries that make sense

DIMO Production

Book production can be a complex process that requires precision. To ensure that the complexity of different book specifications, printer capabilities and pressing deadlines can be bought together, along with the guarantee of timely delivery into physical and digital warehouses at the lowest price possible.

The DIMO book production process makes this easy with the ability to accurately record all key information, produce purchase orders as required and manage reprints as needed.

  • 1st printing and reprint management
  • Product cost recording and control
Digital performance for better content distribution

Digital DIMO

Digital publishing is a key component of any book publishing business in 2018.   For a successful digital publishing business you need to produce and distribute ebooks at maximum efficiency so your digital team can get back to thinking about new technical productions.

DIMO focuses on efficiency on the front-end and on the back-end allows for future development and distribution of a superior digital product.

  • Automated pricing by region
  • Synchronised updating between physical and digital
  • Vendor management and distribution
  • Digital royalty management and co-ordination
  • Match multiple physical books to ebook editions
Publishing and promotion go hand in hand

Publicity and Marketing with DIMO

You may have the best book in the world but if nobody knows about it then you as a publisher are not doing your job.  The modern publicist will be aware of multiple tools in the marketplace and DIMO has a role here too.

DIMO plays a part in this, by integrating with publicity actions where required and keeping an overview of costs at the forefront. Your promotions team are always in the know about what publicity is happening and what is scheduled for any particular book or campaign.

  • Publicity allocations
  • Campaign / tour recording
  • Cost management
Be informed for better decisions

DIMO Performance

Publishing content is just the start of the journey,  it is important that you can see and understand the performance of the decisions that you make.   With DIMO focusing on performance management, it is easy to ensure that you always know how your works are performing, and how they are expected to perform.

The aim is for DIMO to expose tools for you that allow past performance to assist with proactively making better decisions. This could be decisions early on stock positions or future acquisitions.

  • Book costs
  • Sales reporting
  • Sales Export
Performance reporting for performance results

Reporting with DIMO

We compliment the DIMO dashboard we offer with a range of detailed reports covering all aspects of your publishing environment.  Custom reports can be made on request and made available in a variety of formats.

Features of our reports include:

  • Downloadable in csv, ONIX, excel and pdf formats
  • Ability to refresh directly into excel
  • Database access to create custom reports
  • Preset reports for Division, Performance, Digital, rights and financial reporting
Keep on track with efficient task management

DIMO Task Management

A unique feature of DIMO is its ability to monitor and manage tasks performed.   Every action in DIMO is recorded and future actions can be created manually or automatically and allocated to co-workers as required.

Features of DIMO task management are:

  • Tasks managed for the whole life-cycle not just production
  • Tasks can be notified by email, in dashboard and automated reports
  • Ability to watch a title to be notified about tasks when completed
  • Integrate in events such as books arriving in a warehouse or a manuscript being received.
  • Ability to integrate tasks into a number of third party apps
Maintenance made easy

Maintain with DIMO

Historically the hardest part of having a publishing system was the set-up and maintenance of it.  Many publishers either spend tens of thousands of dollars on set-up and employing full-time IT staff to maintain it.

DIMO makes all settings available for normal users to manage,  if you need more help through our services, we are able to offer a full set-up and custom management offering to ensure that you are maximising your publishing and demonstrating best practice.

  • Maintain user with groups and access levels
  • Maintain all system references without direct IT assistance
  • Provide spreadsheets to update data tables

NOTE:  40 hours of set-up included for free when you sign up for the DIMO Publishing System.

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